Owner: Ryan Nye

Ryan switched from rebuilding his motocross race engines in his mid teens to working on bicycles and never looked back. He worked in bike shops through his early 20's before opening SVB in 2009. Ryan is also a Catagory 1 road cyclist and a wannabe MTB racer.


Head Organizer: Janel Nye

Janel is the master at making everything around the shop look amazing. She has worked at bike shops for many years and is a catagory 2 road Racer. 


Adara Nye

Adara is the shops organizer of rock and roll lube and hand warmers. She enjoys pushing parts around on the park tool stool and spraying her sister with the air hose. She is also the 2037 world MTB champion.


No oil was consumed while taking this photo


Rada Nye

Rada is the baby proofing expert of SVB, she is the reason Janel needs to clean the shop often. She is also the chief "organizer" of all things 2 feet off the ground.